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No needle dermal fillers are here!

Non invasive

Virtually pain free

Minimal bruising and swelling

Natural buildable results

Premium dermal filler

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Hyaluron pen lip fillers enhance your lips the needle free way...

The device is a pressurised pen that shoots filler (the same filler used for typical injections) into the upper dermis of the skin.

The sensation is like a light elastic band flick with a little pressure. It is quick, virtually pain free and the results are instant 😍


❌💉🙌🏼No Needle Lip Fillers ❌💉🙌🏼

Finally enhancing your natural beauty doesn’t have to be expensive or painful using the hyaluron pen 👄🖊💜

Needle-free beauty injections are the gentler way forward. Hyaluron pen is a non-invasive needle-free injection therapy that pushes hyaluronic acid into the skin and lips via pressure. Plumping out the lips and reducing the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles 😍😍😍

It can be used for...Adding and creating lip volume, correcting uneven lip shape, Reducing fine lines, Filling wrinkles, Hydrating the skin and Improving the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite.

This procedure can be performed on areas such as lips, nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines, 11’s and fine lines.

So what can you expect from the treatment?

💋Less swelling

💋Minimal pain

💋Instant results

💋No downtime

🔞Over 18s only

⏰Treatment time - 30-40 minutes.


Introducing Hya Lips no needle fillers!

The innovative new method of adding volume, enhancing, defining and shaping the lips 💖👄

The revolutionary pressure technology that penetrates fillers into the skin with minimal pain, producing instant results.

Ideal for clients afraid of needles, the Hya Lips treatment gives natural-looking results with minimal pain and downtime.

A quick, instant and virtually painless treatment tailored to your desired look.

💜 Minimal pain

💜 Natural-looking results

💜 Minimal downtime

💜 Instant results

💜 Ideal for clients afraid of needles

💜 Doesn’t require lidocaine

💜 Shorter treatment time

💜 Intelligent engineering

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