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Back Massage


Treatments / Body

Indian Head Massage

Promotes the growth of thick healthy hair. A very benificial technique involving massage to the shoulders, neck, face and scalp relieving tension or stress in these areas. 

25 Min 

Head-Massages Eve Taylor Body London

Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage

Rich mineral Moroccan oil lavishly applied to cleanse the hair and scalp, 

40 Min 


Foot Massage

Lie back and have your aching feet and legs massaged to remove tension and fatigue.

25 Min 

Feet Massages Beauty Therapist

Back Massage

A stress relieving, invigorating back massage, to loosen those tight and tense muscles. Leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, revitalised and at the same time removes aches and pains. Ideal after a hard day.

25 Min 

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Full Body Massage

Complete stress therapy, aids lymph drainage, tension relief, soothes aching muscles, general aches and pains. Exfoliates the skin, moisturising it with oils. An excellent invigorating treatment for a well being boost.


1H 25Min

Facial Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Basalt stones are anointed with fragrant oils. providing a deeper massage into the muscle than conventional techniques. A Soothing warm sensation that penetrates and leaves you relaxed and refreshed.



Hot Stone Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Soothing oils gently massaged into arms, legs, back and the tummy.


pregnancy Massages Tadworth


Full body massage using a unique blend of essential oils.


Massages London Therapist

Back Cleanse

Blissful... exfoliating scrub (extraction if needed) followed by a deep tension massage, ending with a mask for your back to hydrate leaving your back feeling smooth, relaxed and refreshed.


Massage Therapy

Back / Body Scrub

Removes dead skin cells, hydrating body lotions to soften and nourish, a full body polish treatment leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated. The full body scrub is ideal as a pre-holiday skin boost, before tanning, or a special occasion to add a glow to your skin.



Salts Massage
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