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Treatments / HYA Lite Fat Dissolve


Fat Dissolve

HYA Lite No Needle Fat Dissolve

This innovative new treatment is a quick, non invasive, permanent body contouring solution.


Commonly known as lipolysis or lipodissolve, fat dissolving is a safe and effective procedure that can break down fatty deposits and stubborn cellulite without the need for invasive surgery.


It’s easy to understand why fat reduction treatments are so popular. We live in an age where everyone wants to look their best and with new advances in cosmetic treatments, these non invasive options are now becoming accessible to a wider audience.

Benefits Of Hya Lite Fat Dissolve

This is not a weight loss treatment and should not be considered a substitute for diet and regular exercise. This treatment is most effective at targeting smaller areas of fat such as the chin, inner thighs, arms and abdomen.

Safe and effective for targeting and reducing localised fatty tissue.


- Effective for body contouring and skin tightening.


- This treatment can reduce smaller, exercise-resistant pockets of fat such as fat around the chin, hips and thighs.


- A less invasive safer alternative to liposuction.


- Inexpensive and more affordable than other fat reduction treatments on the market.

This treatment is suitable for people that have stubborn areas of fat that are typically resistant to traditional diet and exercise. Fat dissolving is especially beneficial for people within a normal BMI range, who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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