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Body Wrap

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

A revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat from problem areas. The Shrinking Violet Wrap is painless, effortless and can successfully remove fat from thighs, buttocks and abdomen area’s. Lipolysis is achieved by a chemical reaction and heat permanently breaks down fat cells. A minimum of 3 - 6 inches maybe lost from just one body wrap. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle it is possible to loose an entire dress size.

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap uses a process of Lipolysis (the painless breakdown of fat cells). Treatment involves the application of a specially-formulated solution into the skin. The ingredients used during the Shrinking Violet wrap include an active phospholipid solution, pre-blended essential oils designed to reduce cellulite, these are made up into a nanoceutical solution which means the active ingredients can penetrate the skin in seconds. 

Once the solution has been applied, a transparent film, called ‘Wrapture’, is wrapped around your body. Simply relax on our heated treatment bed, covered in blankets, while the formula works to help you lose inches. 

The Shrinking Violet Body wrap works to breakdown unwanted subcutaneous fat and has no affect on the fat stored elsewhere in the body nor the water and muscle mass that affect your weight, so expect inch loss, but do not expect weight loss from this treatment.


85 Min 

Client success stories from Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

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